from our families

We've been taking our son to Music Together® classes for nearly four years and we've never met such a warm, engaging and enthusiastic teacher as Jill.  We look foward as a family to class each week. Her classes aren't just a place for children to sing and play; they're a place for children and parents alike to learn how to bring music into our everyday lives. She sees the musical gifts in children and infuses the music we make with their natural silliness and joy. We could not be more grateful for the bond she shares with us and our child.

Barbara and David S.

I started Music Together with Jill when my daughter was 4 months old. She is now almost 5 and we haven't missed a single semester. I even schedule preschool around music class! I now have baby twins as well and I'm thrilled that they too will get to experience the complete and utter joy that is Music Together. Jill is not only a talented musician and singer, she is a fun and energetic teacher who truly loves and understands children. 

Liz K.

Jill, Thank you so much for giving my daughter her first experience with music,instruments and free exporation. Music will always be a part of her life and I am so appreciative for classes like Music Together and especially for your personality and philosophies. Not only did Cecelia love it but so did her 'Grampy Louie' You offered them an experience that will be treasured forever. 

Jamie L.

I have taken all three of my children to the Music Together program because not only do they love it but I love it too. I have been to other children's music programs and it feels like noise . Music together is so educational. I feel like I've learned so much ! Thank You Jill !

Sarah M.

We love Jill's class so much. Harris has gotten so much out of it since his baby years.

Tara L.

Thank you Jill so much for being such a wonderful energetic and fun music instructor! You have taught us so much about music, instruments, rhythm, and movement. All the things that will be very valuable when we start kindergarten in the fall. We had a blast!

Jeremy and Julia G.