Ukulele Classes Online:  

Ukulele Beginners:  12 and up 

Songbook : The Daily Ukulele, ( Not included.)

45 minute class and i recorded video to practice with . Ukulele for Beginners (Adults/Teens) No music knowledge necessary! Join the growing popularity of learning to play the ukulele. You will learn to play songs with simple chords, C, F, G7, G, D, Am, Dm.. Songbook is The Daily Ukulele with 365 songs. Book must be purchased separately. You can purchase it on Amazon. It runs around $30.00.

Ukulele Advanced Beginners : 12 and up

45 minute class and 1 weekly recorded video to use as a guide. Songbook: The Daily Ukulele, (Not included.) 

For students who are comfortable playing the chords C, Am, F, G, G7, C7, Em, Dm ...  OR  have taken Ukulele Beginners.  Learn new chords and more songs in the key of C from The Daily Ukulele, as well as songs in the key of G, and fingerpicking . $68.00 for 4 weeks. Song book sold seperately. You may buy it on Amazon for around $30.00.

Parent/Child Introduction to Ukulele:  children 4 to 6.

30 minute classes and 1 weekly recorded video to use as a guide. Songbook : Big Book of Children's Songs for Ukulele by Thomas Balinger (Not included)


Ukulele Beginner Kids

30 minute class via Zoom and 1 weekly recorded video to use as a guide. Beginner Ukulele for Kids is for children who have no or very little experience playing the ukulele. 

We will learn a few basic chords, C , C7, F, G7  and songs .. for ages 7 to 9. Ukulele's not included.

Ukulele Advanced Beginner Kids

$68.00 for 4 Monthly classes. For Ages 8 to 10. This class is for children who have some experience playing the Ukulele and are comforatble playing a few songs already and want to learn more ...

*You must have your own ukuleles for all ukulele classes.